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What does WHA do?

WHA’s activities are founded upon objectives in the four key areas of operation

Networks for knowledge

WHA must know the scope and scale of the burden of headache and of headache-related health-care needs in order to work towards effective solutions. WHA will achieve this knowledge by establishing and developing links and communication channels with people affected by headache and their representatives, including WHA’s member organizations;

Partnerships for progress

WHA cannot, on its own, make beneficial change happen, but will promote change by forging alliances with those who can;

Advocacy for awareness

The efforts and actions of the partnerships must be based on a correct understanding of the problem to be solved. WHA must convert its knowledge into widespread awareness of headache as a major public-health problem. Speaking on behalf of people affected by headache worldwide, WHA will achieve this through its website, the world’s media and through Lifting The Burden campaign.


WHA has developed its strategic plan so that building the capacity of the Alliance is integrated with the strategic objectives and basis of stability is built on the work WHA does together with its members.

Pursuing our Aims…

  • Aims to know the scale and scope of burden attributable to headache disorders and their distribution in the world;
  • Builds an effective membership, strengthens the patient-physician partnership and fosters good working relationships with other interested parties with similar aims;
  • Reaches out to those affected by headache disorders in parts of the world where they lack representation and voice
  • Consults with its member organizations and other interested parties to identify current issues and concerns
  • Organizes Global Conventions for lay representatives in parallel to the International Headache Congress;
  • Strongly supports Lifting The Burden campaign as a means of achieving many of WHA’s aims;
  • Seeks partnerships with the World Health Organization (WHO), the International Headache Society (IHS), opinion leaders and governments worldwide, as the basis for a global campaign;
  • Develops and maintains a website ( as a pool of information regarding WHA member organizations and the issues surrounding headache disorders worldwide;
  • Campaigns for September as World Headache Awareness Month (WHAM), working with member organizations, other partners, sponsors and media.