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Strategic Planning

WHA Trustees in three Councils underwent a thorough strategic planning process during the years 2001-2007. Whilst in its formative years WHA had provided some support to its member organizations, this objective had not been WHA’s purpose as a charity when WHA was founded but also was not a charitable objective. In the spring 2007, it was confirmed that WHA continues strongly to support Lifting The Burden, the WHO global campaign to reduce the burden of headache worldwide, in which WHA is one of the four official partner organizations and represents lay organizations. WHA recognizes that Lifting The Burden is an important means of achieving many of WHA’s aims.


Following incorporation and registration in 1997, WHA received generous annual core funding grant from the International Headache Society (IHS). Financial support in the form of unrestricted educational grants from pharmaceutical industry were readily forthcoming also.

In the increasingly difficult financial environment financial support has been rapidly dwindling. As a field within medicine, headache is generally accorded low priority by politicians, and it receives little governmental support. This is a situation that WHA together with Lifting The Burden campaign seeks to rectify.

WHA is entering the second decade of its existence with a challenge to rebuild both internal and external capacity and to secure working capital in order to ensure sustainabilty of the Alliance in the coming years.