Female Headache Expert Honoured With First Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Award

She founded a dispensary for women and children in 1866, located in London. The dispensary was later converted into a hospital for female patients – The New Hospital for Women – staffed entirely by women. In 1918, it was renamed the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Hospital.

Elizabeth Garrett Anderson also co-founded a London Medical School for Women. Additionally, she became the first woman mayor in England.

Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Award (EGA Award)
The EGA Award will be given to a woman whose work over time has made an extraordinary contribution to relieving those affected by the burden of headache.

Nominations are submitted by World Headache Alliance member organisations and the winner is chosen by the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Award Selection Committee.

Marcia Wilkinson, M.D. (award recipient, on the right)
Dr. Marcia Wilkinson’s extraordinary accomplishments have made her widely respected in the field of headache. She has conducted multiple studies including research on the biochemical changes that occur during a migraine and various migraine treatments.

She founded the City of London Migraine Clinic in 1969, which was the first clinic in the world to treat migraine patients during an attack.

Dr. Wilkinson has been honoured with several awards and fellowships recognising her knowledge and research on headache, and her work has been published in more than 35 neurological journals.

In addition to an engraved award, the recipient receives £5,000 to be donated to the organisation of her choice. Dr. Wilkinson’s donation will go to the City of London Migraine Clinic.

“It is very pleasing to have my work in the field of headache rewarded,” said Dr. Wilkinson. “I am delighted that in the last thirty years, the problems of migraine sufferers have been recognised and great efforts have been made to help these people.”

Dr. Marcia Wilkinson, D.M. was announced as the winner of the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson (EGA) Award, presented September 7, 2000 by The World Headache Alliance at the Headache World 2000 meeting in London. Fred Sheftell, WHA chairman and Jenny Loehnis, great granddaughter of Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, presented the award to Dr. Wilkinson, sponsored through an unrestricted grant by Glaxo Wellcome.