Italy – Alleanza Cefalalgici (Alce Group – Cirna Foundation)

Alleanza Cefalalgici (Al.Ce. Group – CIRNA Foundation)
Via Mondino 2 – 27100
Tel: +39 (0)382 380202
Fax: +39 (0)382 380448

Allenza Cefalalgici (Al.Ce. Group-CIRNA Foundation) is a working group of patients and physicians who together aim at improving the quality of the care and the information available to “headache” sufferers.

The group is part of the World Headache Alliance (WHA) and of the European Headache Alliance (EHA) and operates through regional sections that are constantly growing. The official organ of Al.Ce. Group is Cefalee Today, an informal leaflet whose aim is to cover, in accessible and informal way, news and specialist topics relating to headache and headache-related pathologies.

In 2001 Al.Ce. Group launched the competition entitled “Cefalee in cerca d’Autore” (Headache in search for an Author), an initiative intended to offer headache patients an opportunity to use their creativity as a means of externalising their problem. Since 2002, the competition has been an integral part of “La settimana della cefalea – a headache break”, an event that provides headache sufferers with a chance to meet those who study headache and who are involved, in their daily work, in the quest to treat them.