Japan – Japan Chronic Headache Organization

Japan Chronic Headache Organisation
1-3-8 203 Minamiyama,
Chiba 270-1423
Tel: +81 047 492 7344
Fax: +81 047 492 7344
Email: dorajcho@sea.plala.or.jp
Web: www.headache.jp 

Our organization was founded in 1998 for people who suffer from chronic headache. We work for the aim that exchanging information with headache patient throughout the country, requiring recognizing correctly that “headache is physical illness” of society, working on the local community to open “outpatient department of headache”, and working on government to clarify cause of chronic headache and to establish treatment method.

The Aims of JCHO are:

  • Having contact with associates throughout the country who are suffer from headache and exchanging information
  • Appealing to medical institutions, working places, and communities to recognize that headache is “physical illness”, and call on correct understanding and recognition
  • Making local medical institutions open outpatient department of headache, and urging patients to take an appropriate medical treatment
  • Asking government to clarify cause of headache,
  • And to establish treatment method