Serbia – Serbian Migraine Association

Serbian Migraine Association
KBC Zvezdara
Migrena Centar
Dimitrija Tucovica 161
11000 Belgrade, Serbia
Tel: +381 11 3801477, +381 63 215345
Fax: +381 11 3801477
Email: askas@eunet.yu

The Serbian Migraine Association is a free association of natural and legal persons who have the following goals:

  1. Realisation of the national significance of the association and its acknowledgement on international level
  2. Membership in one global movement that deal with the same problems, with a view to a better observation of that are applied in the whole world,
  3. Inclusion of an as large as possible number of the ill with migraine, doctors and medical workers who deal with these problems and of all other interested institutions and individuals,
  4. Improvement of the health condition of the ill with migraine and reduction of the negative effects resulting from the illness which would be in accordance with the generally accepted medical doctrines in this field,
  5. Introduction of new and better quality methods of prevention, diagnostics, healing and treatment of the ill with migraine
  6. Creation of an as favourable as possible motivation, trust and positive attitude with the ill in relation to doctors and other medical workers,
  7. Raising of the level of knowledge and education of the ill and members of their families on the nature of the illness, its expected course and therapeutic possibilities and understanding of the illness which can be controlled and tolerated well if is treated adequately,
  8. Popularisation of the active participation of the ill and members of their families in the fight against migraine and against the condition caused by the same,
  9. Improvement with all its members of the awareness of the social, cultural and ethical implications contained in the supply of the correct treatment of the ill with migraine
  10. Supply of an increased flow and exchange of information on clinical and therapeutic modalities of the illness,
  11. Full contribution to the improvement and implementation of research in diagnostics, treatment and prevention of the migraine.